Empuls/Manage Budgets

  • Budgets are the point reserves that are used for rewarding/awarding. The points are given to different users for a specific purpose. There can be multiple budgets for different uses.

  • A budget can be used only for the purpose that it has been set up for. It is created by a super admin. The number and size of each budget is defined by the super admin.

  • Budgets can be allocated across departments and teams as rewards and recognition by the super admin. This process of allocation can also be automated. The HR managers (the super admins) can define these budgets as per the size and the requirements of the teams.

  • The most effective employee recognition happens when it is done instantly for the right achievement. Each team member has a fair and an instant chance to be rewarded and this motivates employees to bring their best to work-daily.

  • A super admin can create any budget. They can also define who all are eligible to create budgets (Managers and Team leads)

  • To create a budget, follow these steps:

    Awards →Manage Budgets →Create Budget -> fill-up the form Budget Name →Select Award→Budget Description→Budget Validity then submit the details. Now your new budget is created.

  • Default budget is auto-created at the start of the rewards program. You can use this budget for rewarding or transfer points to other budgets.

  • Anyone who is eligible to create a budget can share it as well.

  • Click on Awards on the left panel and choose Manage Budgets. All the budgets you manage are listed on the page. Click on the share budget icon on the right side of the budget to be shared. Add email id of the user you want to share the budget with along with the number of points to be shared. You can also add more users to share the budget with and the respective number of points you want to share with them. You also have an option to upload the users in bulk.

  • Click on the request point icon, add the member’s email id (super admin) and how many points you want to request.

  • Click the share icon, choose the option to add another user or add the user in bulk to share the points, click on the proceed and click share budget button.

  • Yes, the default budget linked to all awards.

  • The default budget has a lifelong validity.

  • No, the validity of the default budget cannot be set. This budget has lifetime validity and generated by default.

  • Yes, the validity for a new budget can be set by the user who is creating the budget.

  • A super admin can add points to a budget.

  • Yes, budget balance can be moved from one budget to another. Available balance in a budget can be moved from a general purpose budget to a specific purpose budget and vice-versa. This action can only be done by the owner/creator of the general purpose budget i.e. super admin.

  • There is no company level budget per se. Just like any other user, super admins will also have a general purpose budget. The super admins will have the ability to add points to their general purpose budget through the re-charging process. The re-charging option will not be available to non super admin users.

  • No, the budget points will never expire. There is a difference between budget expiry and points expiry. When a budget expires, the budget is disabled and it can no longer be used for the purpose it was set up for. All available balance in that budget is moved back into the main company account and can be reused again. Budgets will only expire if an expiry date was set up by the creator, else it won’t.

  • The Empuls uses points exclusively for awarding/gifting related needs. These points can be used to buy Xoxo Vouchers, experiences, brand vouchers, physical goods and other stuff available in the catalogue.

  • Yes, this can be done. The super admin can create a budget for peer to peer rewarding, which can then be shared with all relevant employees.

  • Yes. There is no restriction on awards being linked to just one budget. E.g. different departments might have different budgets for the “Pat on Back” award depending on the strength of the department.

  • No. Only the budget creator can disable/delete a budget.

  • No, the budgets will be created without any points initially. Once created, points can be transferred to the budget from another general purpose budget where points are available. Each super admin will have a GPB.

  • The award nominations can still be carried out incase the award budget is dissolved. All nominations and awards are linked to a default budget along with other team/department specific budgets. If the super admin decides to dissolve a certain budget, even if the nominations to awards that are linked to it are pending, the award can be given using the default budget. 

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