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  • An award is a specific kind of appreciation which needs to go through a nomination and approval process. You can give an award to anyone in the organisation - team members, managers and peers - as a way to recognise their work or attitude. The award will have a non-negative reward value attached to it (zero or more). These reward values come in the form of Emplus points that will be transferred to the account of the award winner. Some awards may have these reward values (Empuls points), some may not and the values of the Empuls points for different awards can also differ, depending on the company budget.

  • Appreciations are given away as a recognition of the good work, behaviour, actions or performance of an individual. These come with value badges that may or may not have a reward value. The value badges can be customised and distributed depending on the nature of appreciation.

  • Users can nominate others for an award. The nomination of a user would trigger an approval workflow. There would an approver who would have to approve the nomination. The approver can be selected by the nominator before they submit the nomination.

  • The nomination based awards need approval process because it prevents the rewarding process to be affected by biases and misrepresentations. This helps in maintaining a transparent culture of appreciation and ensures that a well-deserved pat-on-the-back is not missed out.

  • The direct award is a spot recognition feature that allows managers to recognise and reward their team members. These awards can have a monetary denomination - Empuls points -  linked to them that will be deducted from the budget of the manager sending this award. Since the recognition is instantaneous in nature, this award does not have a review/nomination attached to it.

  • Awards (on the left panel) - Give an Award (on the left panel) - Give an Award ( top right of the screen) - Add Recipient Name - Continue - Award Selection (here you can find all the awards that your nomination is eligible for) - Continue - Write your reason to nominate - Continue - Choose an Approver - Submit Nomination.

  • Awards (on the left panel) - Give an Award (on the left panel) - Give an Award ( top right of the screen) - Add Recipient Name - Continue - Award Selection (here you can find all the awards that your nomination is eligible for).

  • If you’re managers or team leads then you can approve award nominations for that you have to click on approve button then specify your reason for approving this award and click the next button after that select the budget to reward these points then click to appreciate button.

  • The approver will get a notification to approve/decline the award. Upon Click on the decline button and specify your reason for declining this award then click the decline button.

  • All the employees are asked to nominate others with an explanation on why they (the nomination) deserves the award.

  • The nominations submitted by the employees are usually screened on the basis of language, relevance of the explanation, etc. The screening can happen at one or more levels based on the organisation's preference. This is usually done by the HRBP or reporting manager's of the nominee. The screened nominations are sent for approval to the jury.

  • The process of selecting the winner(s) begins with a set of screened nominations that the jury has to choose from. Here, the jury would decide which nomination is more deserving than the other ones. Each jury member can let their preference be known by ranking the nominations from 1st to last for that award. This way the collective list will be created with the most preferred choice for the award to the least preferred ones. The presenter of the award (Super Admin) then selects one or more nominations (based on organisation policy, budget availability, etc) and publishes the awards.

  • By ranking the nominations, the jury are collectively providing the list of nominations in order of most deserving to least deserving, the super admin then publishes the award. 

  • The rating based system has a greater probability of same scores for nominations. A jury member can rate all members as 5 star which is equivalent to not rating at all. Similarly rating 2 or more members with the same value introduces ambiguity in the process of selecting the winner.

  • The nominations should be submitted before the jurors start choosing the winners and no nominations should be allowed during or after the selection process.

  • Super admin will set up the award defining name, description, logo, frequency, start and end date as the basic details.

  • Super admin will define the eligibility criteria basis of location, designation, grade, email ids, access role and hierarchy.

  • Super admin will define the operator, metrics, constant, award calculation type and award value/badge.

  • Super admin will define whether an approver is required after the milestones is achieved to trigger the award value/badge. It can be kept automated too. In case an approver is required, the super admin will have to define the approver details.

  • The nomination will directly move to the relevant approval level. The nominator will be asked to approve the nomination there itself, as opposed to getting a notification for approval.

  • The list of approvers for an award should be dynamic in nature. So if a new user is added, or an existing one is edited and they qualify as approvers for a specific award, it should start showing up immediately. Secondly, only enabled users should be allowed to take any actions related to nominations and budgeting.

  • No, awards/appreciations will not have variable rewards. They will have a fixed reward value. In case there is a requirement, it can be enabled from our side

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